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 New Website, Domination Map and Teamspeak 3 info

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PostSubject: New Website, Domination Map and Teamspeak 3 info   Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:10 pm

Hello everyone,

Sgt-T.Royer here welcoming you to the new 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit website. The 11th MEU development team has been working on a-lot of things lately. We currently have found a new domination map that we are currently working on to get it ready for play. Also this new improved website created by Sgt-T.Royer. We welcome anyone to join the 11th MEU, we are a Realism Unit trying to become the best of the best. If you would like to join the 11th MEU please visit are forum section "MEPS/Military Enlistment Processing Station". Also please join are Teamspeak 3 server voice06.dallas.hypernia.com:10009

Also if anyone wishes to donate to keep the forums up-to-date and keep it in style please click on the contribution button at the bottom to donate its very important that we keep this running in excellent conditions.

Thanks everyone and the 11th MEU hopes you enjoy the server and the new improved website.

P.S Website, TS, and Domi map is still in development.

Alpha Company
1st Platoon
First Squad Leader
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New Website, Domination Map and Teamspeak 3 info
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