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 Enlistment Request: Herring, Joshua

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PostSubject: Enlistment Request: Herring, Joshua   Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:24 pm

First Name: Joshua

Last Name:Herring

Date of birth + Age:3/1/2000 Age : 13 -.-

Country: America

Time Zone [ex: -500 GMT]: Eastern Time

Email Address: Can't post because i am a new member it says

Xfire Username:joshuamherring

In-Game Name:Momo

How Much Time Can You Commit:5-6 hours

M.O.S List Please choose 1-3: Medical Corpsman

Ground Combat Element
Rifleman [ ]

Medical Corpsman [ ]

Student Pilot [ ]

Aviation Combate Element
NOTE - Must APPLY FOR STUDENT PILOT before being qualified for a Combat Air Craft Vehicle.


Student Pilot [ ]

AH-64 Pilot [ ]

UH-60 M Pilot [ ]

CH-47 Pilot [ ]

A-10 Pilot [ ]

C-130J Pilot [ ]


Have You Been In A Clan/Unit Before? If Yes Please list:No i have not.

Have you ever been in a Realism Unit before? If yes, please list all the previous units you were apart of:Have not been in a realism unit before either.

Who Or What Recruited You: Capt.Winters recruited me

Do You Have A Mic Yes-[-] No-[ ]

Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Yes-[- ] No-[ ]

Which Game Do You Own -

ArmA 2 [ ]

ArmA 2 OA [ ]

Both [ -]

Please Tell Us Why You Want To Join The 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit?

I wish to join the 11th MEU because the realism of the server and the unit feels great. My family are mostly marines and they want me to join up. I can't join at 13, so ill be here until I am old enough. Ok well that's everything lol. Bye Very Happy
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Enlistment Request: Herring, Joshua
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